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because we're talking about the issues. we're talking about the social security and medicare guarantees about student loans. mr. walsh has insulted just about everyone in the district from latinos to african-americans to women to my military service to seniors. and they're done with him. they're done with him because he does not remember the word servant in the words public servant. his job is to serve the people of the district. >> jennifer: i want to play a clip with one of your debates with walsh and have our viewers get an appreciation for it. >> last point, i was marching in a parade in schaumburg sunday, two days before the democratic convention when tammy duckworth was on a stage down in charlotte, if you can look at the picture picking out a dress for her speech tuesday night. >> jennifer: what is he even talking about? i know you have to keep your composure but i imagine -- i don't know how you can bite your tongue with this guy. >> my answer to him on that was yes, i do sometimes try to decide whether i
on medicare you have to double down, go harder at it. he's first-termer. he's going to be wanted out. i would be surprised if he survived that first term. he's a bull in the china shop. he has no idea what he's doing. >> cenk: that was only a year and a half ago. hey joe you know what this is? i've got a personal one for you. elbow from the sky--bye bye. now, all of you stay right here because we've got a whole other hour of "the young turks" coming. and wait until you get a load of me on climate change, washington, new york, you've done nothing about it. that anger when we return. >> lots of flooding let's of rain, lots of win. >> the beach is usually 100-yard long before you get to the beach. >> fema personnel are working with state and local governments. >> there are things flying off the roof here. >> 30-foot waves on top of 10 to 11 to 12-foot storm surge. >> this is not a time to be stupid. >> the national guard is not too far from husband. >> a lot of people are endureing very difficult times. >> 900 miles wide. that's the tropical storm. >> the crane is dangling above west 56th street
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)